Here’s What You’ll Get from Our Meat Shop

At Lux Foods, we’ve made it our job to become the one-stop butcher shop for residents of Ladner, Tsawwassen and Delta. Here are the product categories we’re offering at the moment:

Beef and Veal

Our beef has been grass-fed, so you can be sure you are getting healthy meat you can trust. Health experts have proven that an animal’s diet has a profound influence on the nutritional value of its products.

Grass-fed beef is always the healthier choice because, for instance, its total fat is lower than that of grain-fed beef. This is important because lean meat actually helps lower your LDL cholesterol levels.

Grass-fed beef is also lower in calories and has extra Omega-3s, antioxidant vitamins and conjugated linoleic acid (believed to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease).


Free-range specialty Maple Hills Chicken is healthier and tastes better than regular chicken. This is because they eat a much higher quality diet. For this reason alone, you can be sure Maple Hills Specialty free-range chicken delivers a healthier meal too.

Additionally, all the poultry in our shop has not been bleached, nor has it been exposed to growth hormones or antibiotics.


JD Farms turkey is available throughout the year, just be sure to order ahead of time so you don’t miss it.

Lamb and Pork

Local Paradise Valley pork cuts and we offer both local and imported lamb cuts.

Fresh Sausages

All our sausages are preservative and gluten-free.Only meat with fresh herbs and spices, no fillers.


Local and imported cheese options.

Prepared Foods

If you’re not in the cooking mood, you can always swing by for one of our prepared foods. We’ve got Lux meatloaf, local meat pies, pulled pork, Bosa pizza and lasagna,Pasta sauces, plain and stuffed organic pasta, sausage rolls, Helmi’s perogies,Vegan and Gluten free Perogies, High quality Chicken tenders, Nuggets and spicy Chicken Burgers, seasonal favorites like handmade beef burgers and many kabob/skewer options.

Dog Food

For healthy dog food, look no further! We’ve got many raw dog food options to keep your dogs healthy and happy.

We’re constantly adding new items to our product list, so please let us know if there’s something you want that’s not on our list.

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