Poultry and Water Fowl

Free-range chicken tend to be healthier than caged chicken. This is because they spend plenty of time in the sun and get lots more fresh air and exercise than their caged cousins in confinement buildings. For this reason alone, you can be sure free-range chicken deliver a much healthier meal too.

Additionally, the chicken and duck in our shop has not been bleached, nor has it been exposed to growth hormones or antibiotics.

Natural/Non Medicated Poultry and Water Fowl

  • Natural free range chicken from around BC and the Fraser Valley
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Non bleached
  • Whole roasters to boneless skinless breast, we have it all including Chicken livers & Chicken hearts
  • Cornish Game Hens
  • Whole ducks
  • Duck fat

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